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Cockfighting is one of the most popular sports in Asia because it is interesting and suitable with all ages from children to adults. In the era of 4.0, cockfighting was more and more popular but it has been turned into an online game, so more people can enjoy this interesting game through the computer’s screen. It means we do not need to go to the place to see the cockfighting directly, this fighting will be livestreamed online for people across the country, even all over the world. In the Philippines, cockfighting has another name: “sabong”. Indeed, bookmakers understand the attraction of the sabong, hence, they have brought these matches to the online world. This article will create more chances for the audience to understand about this sport and enjoy the joyfulness of this game.

What is sabong?

Although cockfighting is extremely popular in many Asian countries, many people still do not understand this kind of sport. As its name suggests, cockfighting is the game which sets two gamecocks to fight each other. Because they are gamecocks, they are stronger than other species of cocks. In order to enhance the strength of the gamecocks, some people have had their legs fitted with metal spurs.

In the Philippines, cockfighting has another name: “sabong”
In the Philippines, cockfighting has another name: “sabong”

Two gamecocks will fight each other and the winning one will receive an amount of reward. In fact, the owners of winning gamecocks will gain money after the matches. Due to this factor, cockfighting is considered as an illegal sport in many countries, such as Vietnam and China. 

In the Philippines, cockfighting is so prevalent that it has a local name: sabong. However, unlike other countries in Asia, the Philippines allow cockfighting to be held across the nation. Specifically, there is no law banning cockfighting. Therefore, people in the Philippines and tourists coming to this country are allowed to bet on cockfighting matches. Also, this game is aired online platforms which bring sabong to other audiences. Thanks to this, cockfighting is suitable with people who want to experience the world of online casinos. This world is very interesting so cockfighting is an essential piece. 

If people in other countries outside the Philippines want to watch cockfighting matches, they can access casino websites. They are free and updated consistently. However, some bookmakers also require audiences to pay an amount of fee. Depending on bookmakers, audiences can choose the best matches to watch.

Sabong international derby attracts a huge number of audiences

Why does online sabong live attract audiences?

There are many reasons for the attraction of online sabong matches. However, the attraction of them is undeniable because the number of audience watching these matches is huge. This section will list all reasons for the attraction of the sport and why it should be invested in the future.

Cockfighting matches are always intense

Unlike other sports with the participation of people, cockfighting is the game between two gamecocks. Therefore, cocks do not follow any rule. What they do is fight with each other without any rules, and regulations. The audiences can enjoy all pure atmospheres of the match, so it is different from other sports. In particular, cockfighting requires strong gamecocks with essential skills. It means the gamecocks’ owners should focus on training their cocks. Each owner will have separate training skills, so the level of gamecocks will be different.

A gamecock need strong muscles
A gamecock need strong muscles

Even these strongest gamecocks are allowed to join the sabong international derby. This event is only for the strongest gamecocks. Indeed, these matches are much more interesting and attractive. Each match can have thousands of viewers through the screen, so it also means a large amount of money for the winner.  Currently, the sabong   international live stream today is one of the most favorite programs in the Philippines online casinos so cockfighting is expected to become more popular.

Cockfightig has a large amount of rewards

Like other sports in the online casino world, cockfighting can give the winners a big reward. The reward can pay gamecocks’ owners all fees invested to their gamecocks. Even the reward is one of the biggest reasons for many people to join the battle. According to experts in cockfighting, it does not depend on luck too much but the ability of the  gamecocks’ controllers. Therefore, the gamecocks’ owners can not use tricky things to win because they can not intervene in the match. The final result can not be predicted so it makes the match more interesting and difficult to predict. It is considered as the most popular factor of this sport.

Sabong international live stream today is very interesting
Sabong international live stream today is very interesting

Besides, it is doubtful that many people have become rich by joining cockfighting. After a match, they can receive a large amount of money and become a rich person. It is an impossible mission with normal jobs, but cockfighting can help them to develop and grow their wealth fast. This is the reason why after each sabong match, the reward information also attracts the attention of the public. 

Therefore, if you want to experience the online casino world, you can consider joinig cockfigiting betting. Start with a small amount of money and invest regularly with a bigger amount of money, philippine cockfighting will give you a chance to win money.

Cockfighting can not be replaced by other kinds of sport

It is one of the core things making cockfighting unique. There is no other sport which is similar to cockfighting, hence it is such a good thing for the cockfighting fans because they can enjoy the game in a different way. 

If football, volleyball, tennis, and other sports are similar in rules, people can base on the history, the fame, the players to calculate the rate of success. With cockfighting, the viewers only predict the final result and hope for their betting gamecocks. Many players admit that the atmosphere of the sabong matches are very great and it can conquer all audiences all over the world.

A cockfighting match is very intense
A cockfighting match is very intense

How to watch the sabong international live stream today

There are various ways to watch these matches. About the ckfighting philippines 2022, various websites of local bookmakers will livestream these matches on the Internet. Therefore, these matches can reach out to millions of audiences in the Philippines and other countries. However, if you like watching these matches but do not know how to access these websites, this section will give you suitable methods.

To watch cockfighting matches, the audiences need to log in websites of bookmakers
To watch cockfighting matches, the audiences need to log in websites of bookmakers

Register for an account on bookmaker’s website

It is essential for audiences to watch cockfighting matches because websites of bookmakers are places live streaming these matches. They have tournaments and all of its matches will be  updated consistently. Currently, registering an account on a bookmaker’s website is free and convenient, people only need to do some steps to have an official account to watch sabong matches. 

There are many bookmakers in the Philippines livestream cockfighting matches. If people do not want to miss any match, they can choose some of them to join and enjoy sabong matches. In particular, these matches will be high-quality and meet the demands of all sabong lovers.

Monitor the match schedule of the bookmaker

Sabong cockfighting always attracts a huge number of audiences so that its schedule is updated constantly. Thanks to this, the audiences can monitor their favorite matches and do not miss it. Currently, this information is published on bookmakers’ websites, hence audiences can watch it anytime they want. With cockfighting lovers, they will not miss any match, especially the final match because it is the round deciding who the winner is. Don’t worry about downloading their apps because it is more convenient to monitor everything on your smartphone.

Gamecocks are equipped with sharp weapons.

Equip yourself with essential knowledge about cockfighting

As mentioned above, cockfighting is prevalent. It means many people know how to bet on it in the Philippines and other countries. If you want to join and make money from it, you should study some important rules of this sport to make sure that you are not immature in betting on cockfighting. In order to gain knowledge and skills, you should find a reliable bookmaker which is willing to support you when needed. Specifically, its customer service team can reply to all of your concerns and help you be more confident in betting on sabong. Even if it is reliable, you can open an official account and practice betting on sabong with a little amount of money. It is very important for you to gain knowledge and experience.

In addition, you can access websites about online casinos and research information related to cockfighting. It is very simple because most bookmakers have their own websites and they are updated regularly. Also, their articles are written by casino experts so you do not need to worry about wrong information. If you do not want to risk your money in real bets, this method is suitable for you to start your betting journey with cockfighting. 

Don’t be rushed in betting

Even when you have enough knowledge and skills in betting on cockfighting, please don’t be rushed because the world of casinos is intense. It welcomes everybody but only the best people can receive rewards. If you do not want to lose your money to your competitors, you should be careful in every step. It is not too difficult because when you research more knowledge and skills, you will also learn how to keep calm. As said above, cockfighting is the battle of two gamecocks. As gamecocks, they do not care about human rules so the result is unpredictable. What you can lean on is your knowledge, experience, and luck. Therefore, please spend a little amount of time before making your final decision. It will help you to protect your money and motivate you to have more successful bettings.

What do you need to prepare to bet on cockfighting?

This is an important part of this article because it will summarize what you need to prepare before joining the world of cockfighting. Please read it carefully and become a legend in betting on cockfighting. 

– Knowledge about sabon: It definitely is. Without knowledge, you will lose sooner or later. Therefore, do not ever push yourself in this situation. Please equip yourself with essential knowledge about this sport and you will be more confident. 

– Betting skills: Betting is not easy because it is a combination of analysis, prediction, and luck. Hence, you have to practice your skills regularly. When your skills are sharpened, you can join the bet with confidence and will not be afraid of other competitors. As a result, you will receive your first reward soon. It means you have to practice skills everyday and you will feel different.

– Self-confidence: This factor is vital because the world of casino is intense so without confidence, you can not beat other competitors. You can train yourself to become self-confident without any class. Therefore, do not forget to do it regularly because it will help you too much in your bets in the future.

– A small amount of money: If you decide to bet on cockfighting, you should prepare a small amount of money. You should start with little money to reduce risks. When your skills are better, you can spend more money on your bets. 


Cockfighting is a popular sport in the Philippines and other Asian countries. Therefore, sabong matches are watched everywhere and their rating is high. If you are a sabong lover and want to enjoy the sport in a unique way, please follow our pieces of advice. Hopefully, this article can help you to gain more funny moments with cockfightings and soon become a professional player in betting cockfighting.  Hopefully, you will have happy moments with cockfighting matches and soon become champions in this interesting sport. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will support you as soon as possible.